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The world feels smaller than ever as people trade influences and traditions every which way.

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Detail of an ornate, Indian-style tile inset and wall

Indian living rooms

Liven up your living space with oversized sculptures, shining brass and bright colors. (Extra big in: US, UK)

A fancy copper faucet, clawfoot tub, and an ornate tile floor

Spanish bathrooms

Spanish baños are steaming up—from the distinct archways down to the decorative tile. (Extra big in: India, Philippines)


Local chefs are adapting traditional Neapolitan pizza with Japanese ingredients and techniques. Their pies are so good, they’re giving Italy a run for its pizza money.

Deep ceramic soaking tub in a modern environment

Japanese tubs

Soak in the still, deep waters of your very own Japanese soaking tub. (Extra big in: Australia, New Zealand)

Close up on a dish of a colorful and fruity frozen dessert

Filipino desserts

People are flipping for sweet Filipino fare, with tastes of coconut, banana and purple ube. (Extra big in: UAE, Saudi Arabia)

Two hands running through a tableful of a small grain

West African recipes

Dish up some satisfyingly spicy West African stews, soups and porridges. (Extra big in: France, Germany)

United States

IKEA partnered with African designers to create ÖVERALLT, a special collection honoring urban rituals.

An assortment of dessert bars with pistachios and seeds

Arabic treats

Everybody’s all in for Arabic desserts, from date balls to rose water milk puddings. (Extra big in: Algeria, Canada)

Grilled breakfast dosa

Kerala breakfast ideas

Get going with an Indian breakfast of coconut appam pancakes and a side of chutney or curry. (Extra big in: Malaysia, Sri Lanka)


Streaming platforms make it easier for people to discover content from other countries. Netflix shows like “Dark” were created for a local audience—in this case, Germans—but found faraway fans thanks to curious streamers.

Collage of antique door, silverware, and linens

French antiques

Say “oui” to antique French accents—think patinated mirrors and farm linens. (Extra big in: Iran, Egypt)

Dish of baked beans in sauce

Macedonian meals

Send your stomach to the Balkans with "kebapi" (sausages) and "tavche gravche" (baked beans). (Extra big in: Australia, Germany)

Arial view of arid landscape with dirt and brush

Australian landscaping

Give Australian gardening a go with drought-tolerant grasses and kangaroo paw ferns. (Extra big in: South Africa, Canada)

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