90s rerun

Forget partying like it’s 1999. These days, we’re living like it’s 1999.

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Young man wearing t-shirt with cartoon logo

90s cartoons

Get ready for reboots: Classic 90s toons are filling up show lineups.

Man wearing track suit squatting on a tape player

Hip hop parties

90s-themed parties are big for 2020, so get your getup ready.

United States

Analogue’s new Pocket device lets you play old Game Boy cartridges on a new screen—with 10x the resolution of the original handheld.

Person wearing wool coat, turtleneck, and hoop chain necklace

Y2K outfits

Make like it’s the new millennium with army pants, hip chains and logomania.

Cassette tape that says "the 90s"

90s music

We saw the sign—and it’s clear that 90s tunes are back in heavy rotation.

Close up shot of a velvet scrunchie


Scrunchies are getting a makeover with luxe materials (silk, leather) and fresh designs (think scrunchies as bows).


Heritage brands like FILA are reaching new audiences as Gen Z aims for an authentic 90s vibe.

Woman with braided hairstyle

Braided hairstyles

Styles like box braids are back in a big way.

Person with ripped t-shirt and face piercings

Grunge fashion

This low-key style is riding high. Think combat boots, flannels and oversized outerwear.

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“Friends” is back in the zeitgeist thanks to reruns and 25th anniversary collabs with Ralph Lauren.

Collage of tie-dye shirt, leopard-print coat, and leopard-print fanny pack

90s streetwear

Rock sneakers, baby tees and hoodies from city streets to suburban sidewalks.

Woman applying lip gloss

Lip gloss and liner

Put on your best 90s face with shiny lip gloss, lip liner and maybe even a touch of glitter.

Marbled hair clip

Hair clips

Wing or butterfly, basic or bedazzled, hair clips add easy flair to your hair.

Business tip

Come up with a 90s “starter pack” in your category. Think party planning tips, outfit picks or a throwback grocery list.

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90s rerun

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