Space everything

Get ready for lift-off! For 2020, there's a new kind of space race.

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Woman peeping over star-shaped sunglasses

Astrology-themed parties

The stars are aligned to help you throw the perfect astrology-inspired celebration.

Two women wearing vibrant eye shadow and lip colour

Planet make-up

Go intergalactic with purple lip gloss, black lipstick or icy blue eyeshadow.


Wanted: Serious stargazers. Chile hopes to become the world's top astro-tourism spot by 2025.

Woman's ear with multiple piercings and rhinestone hoop earring

Constellation earrings

Dazzling doodads can turn your ears into glittering constellations.

US astronaut in space suit with earth in the background

NASA logos

Pretend that you're part of the flight crew with a branded hoodie, hat or jumpsuit.

A swirl of colours that looks like outer space

Galaxy painting

Stock up on acrylic paints to try your hand at this stellar DIY.

Outer space

Launch into orbit when Virgin Galactic starts their commercial flights in late 2020.

Two hands, with a moon tattoo on one of the wrists

Space tattoos

Combine geometric shapes with planets for ink that's out of this world.

Young child sitting on a mechanical rocketship ride

STEM activities

Use space's coolness factor to get children excited about STEM skills.

United States

Can't make it to space? Plan a trip to The Met's special moon photography exhibit instead.

Collage of outer-space photo and a cake with galaxy-themed icing

Galaxy birthdays

Swirls of metallic purple, blue and black make for an out-of-this-world birthday theme.

Night-time sky filled with candle lanterns

Two the moon parties

Use moon puns and space jokes to celebrate your child's second year on earth.

Child playing with toy astronaut, planets and rocket

Constellation crafts

Educational and entertaining, these clever crafts help children to learn about the constellations.

Business tip

Play into astrology's meteoric rise in popularity with what's-your-sign product lines or menus.

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Space everything

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