Responsible travel

It's time for a travel tune-up. People are looking to lessen their impact, but keep the fun.

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Train crossing over a high bridge

Train travel

Get your travel plans on track with your choice of eco-conscious, scenic train trips.

Bamboo toothbrushes and soap dish with soap

Zero-waste travel essentials

Eco-minded travel products and packing tips for the earth-friendly world traveller.


In 2021, 78+ countries will join forces with CORSIA, a global mission to fight flight emissions.

Man in woods shooting a photo

Travel stories

Some of the best parts of travel are the stories that you get to share after you unpack.

A window seat with pillows and houseplants nearby


One of the best ways for globetrotters to help save the planet? Stick close to home.

A group of wind turbines built in the water

Reduced carbon footprint

Wherever you go, there are plenty of planet-loving things that you can do to reduce and reuse.


With sustainability classes and regular 'trash walks', the Green School in Bali gives tourists a hands-on education.

Person backpacking through snow-capped mountain peaks

Eco-friendly travel

Discover smart new ways to reduce your carbon footprint as you globetrot.

Hands cupping a handful of dirt


Entrepreneurial farmers are inviting folks to lend a helping hand, pick their own produce and maybe even stay the night.


The Swedes have coined new words for eco-friendly travel habits: Flyskam ('flying shame') and tagskryt ('train bragging').

Collage of old building, man on bike, and stack of books

Learning holidays

Everything that you need to know as you gear up for a semester (or long holiday) studying abroad.

A small house on stilts sitting on a mossy terraced cliff


Treehouse retreats, biodomes, ecolodges and other unusual green-minded getaways.

Monorail running through glass-domed indoor garden

Eco-friendly cities

Visit cities that are doing green-living right, and bring some ideas back home.

Business tip

Cast some light on packing light. Offer multi-purpose products, zero-waste items and low-waste travel tips.

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Responsible travel

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