Finding balance

Improve your outlook with habits that put yourself before your selfie.

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Person journaling while overlooking canyon

Self-discovery journal prompts

Get-to-know-yourself prompts to help kick-start a regular journaling routine.

Woman practising yoga outside at sunset

Social media detox

Take a break from the Like-ing, and spend some time doing things that you love instead.


R3 Personal Training in Hong Kong offers concierge-like training for both physical and mental strength.

Woman in puffy coat looking at camera

Embrace being single

Empowering tips and quotes to make your solo journey a true party of one.

Chicory root and leaves

Chicory root

Move the coffee to the backburner and try a steaming anti-inflammatory mug of chicory root instead.

Painting with big brush strokes and bright colours

Art therapy activities

Discover colourfully creative ways to feel more grounded and less stressed.

United Kingdom

Sainsbury's is experimenting with 'slow shopping' aisles and 'relaxed' checkouts so that shoppers can take their time.

Rocky shoreline with sea moss

Sea moss

Sunburn salve? Hangover helper? Joint rejuvenator? Really, what can't sea moss do?

Person smiling and listening to music on headphones

Mood booster playlists

Press play on everybody's favourite songs for getting you moving and improving your mood.

United States

'Psychology and the Good Life', a class on how to lead a happier, more satisfying life, is the most popular class that Yale has ever offered.1

Hands holding ylang ylang flowers and a dropper bottle

Ylang ylang oil

People are saying 'yes, yes!' to ylang ylang aromatherapy for a calming, restorative effect.

Close-up of crystals

Feng-shui décor

Tap into age-old design principles intended to de-stress and re-energise your living space.

Glass of cucumber juice

Cucumber juice

Grab a 'cuke' and smile, with all kinds of tasty and healthful recipes to choose from.

Business tip

Healthier habits come from routine. Use your marketing channels to suggest easy rituals, such as morning baths or a soothing stretch.

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Finding balance

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