Conscious consumption

A push for more eco-friendly habits is changing how we live – from everyday choices to life’s biggest milestones.

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Dining room with mismatched art and ceramics

Thrifted home décor

Keep furniture out of the landfill by filling your home with thrifted décor.

Spray-painted fizzy drinks bottles with flowers in them

Thrift shop crafts

Get crafty with thrift shop finds to create one-of-a-kind art or homemade gifts.

New Zealand

Jumper-seller Sheep Inc. invests in biodiversity projects that offset their carbon impact tenfold, making them a 'carbon negative' brand.

Person holding cloth shopping bag full of veggies

Low-waste living

Talking rubbish is trending—in a good way. People want easy tips to cut back on waste.

Weathered arbour draped with flowers and fabric

Low-waste weddings

Say 'I do' to sustainability and prioritise eco-friendly choices for your big day.

Jar of baking soda, limes, scrub brush and silverware

Product swaps

It's easy to be green. Try buying glass instead of plastic or swapping out paper for fabric serviettes.


The world's largest urban farm is cropping up on a rooftop in Paris. The Paris Expo Porte de Versailles will boast an exceptionally low carbon footprint and host community activities.

String of solar lights in a jar

Solar light crafts

Light up your garden with these whimsical, energy-efficient designs.

The hems of several white dresses and a pair of cowboy boots

Thrifted wedding dresses

Score a recycled dress, and save your 'something new' for something else.


Appliance manufacturer Arçelik is tackling ocean pollution head on. Their new washing machine filters out microplastics so that they can't enter the local water source.

Two women wearing trendy fashion looks

Secondhand fashion

Mix and match secondhand finds for a fresh new look.

Girl and woman holding earth-related protest signs

Protest posters

From humorous takes to hard-hitting facts, there's a climate-change poster for everyone.

A boat and an art installation made using rubbish

Ocean rubbish art

Turn ocean pollution into art that makes a splash.

Business tip

People often want to compost or recycle… but don’t know where to start. Use product packaging or email marketing to give actionable recycling tips.

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Conscious consumption

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